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What is a Static Website?


A static website is a page, or pages of a website that have no dynamic functionality. Meaning, they do not process any server side information. They do not collect any data. They do not interact with the End User at all. It is a page that does not change state. It is just text. It has no other purpose, then to display text, and images, and information on a page. Typically, a static web page does not respond to any user input.

This is the least expensive option, yet it is effective. It is especially effective when you have a modern look and feel to your web page. It is very effective when you have good art. It is extremely effective if you have a plan of action. You can include your contact information, some photos of your services or product. You can also have a button to click and your customer can instantly call you. They can call you from your website. If you choose this option, pretty much the only "Call to Action" that you can expect, is a phone call, or email.

It is most effective when your web page is optimized to reach your targeted consumers. All pages are optimized for SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization!

As you browse through this website take a look at the static demo and see for yourself how stylish and professional your website can be. CSS animations can be added to your pages to give it the effect of animating text and images. You can view the dynamic demo to see an example of the functionality that comes along with that. If you are in need of displaying a lot of database driven information, then you will need the Corporate level website. You may also need more module development, depending on your needs.

With a static website, you will not have the login functionality. Your website customers will not be able to create an account. You will not be able to collect any form data.