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Corporate Level Website

By far, this is the most dynamic of options. It is the most expensive, but it is the most powerful. It is truely a Corporate Level Site. You can include as many forms as you like. You can have up to 15 pages. You can also have Image Sliders, Photo Galleries, Portfolios, Video Galleries, Listings, Blogs, Event Scheduling, and of course you have a login and membership functionality as well. You can have these on each page if you would like

Your customers can login and create accounts. You can have Website Administrators that are in charge of your updates and/or services. Again, as with all plans, you will need to provide me with all content that you would like in your website.

Each page is optimized to advertise to your local consumers, or whatever region that you are looking to capture. When you view the Corporate Demo you can see how you will be able to showcase your talents, or services. You can see how well the pages capture an audience that is looking for the information, services, or products that you are providing.

You will have limitations and depending on how you want your website to serve your needs, some functinality will be outside the scope of my services. For example, if you needed extensive database information, like 2 or more. That is not including within the pricing. Another example, these packages do not include any sort of e-Commerce functionality.

That service is available, however, it is outside the scope of what is being purchased, or paid for. If you need e-Commerce functionality, that would be a completely different service, and pay scale.