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Small Businesses || Small Prices

What you need for your small business web presence is a Splash Page first. Your website can come later, but first you need to publish your Splash Page. Your marketing goals should encompass that page. We provide a super cheap splash page guaranteed to drive business. 

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You Have Options

You have the option of learning how to make your own web edits if you would like to. If you need me to take care of it that is fine too. With our platform making simple text and image updates are a snap to do. If you are interested in learning how to do it, that is not a problem. It will save you money in the long run. You can learn very quickly ow to make your own updates with the easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

Learn Responsive Web Design

Your website will adhere to the latest in web standards for mobile visibility and cross browser compatibility. It will be visible and professional across all mobile devices and platforms. This is referred to as your site being "responsive", meaning it resizes to the correct proportions, no matter what device your using.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to design your website, or just point you in the right direction. I can show you how to edit your own pages, so that you do not have to pay someone every time you need a change to your website. Of course, if you just want it taken care of and it's not really your thing, it will be taken care of for you. You will have that option.

Web Design Services
Updated Feb, 2021
Powerful, Compatible and responsive.
I will work with your business to make sure that we have the most up to date and current technology, so that your website will be of use to you. If you prefer, I will consult with you on how to make your own updates, and you will not have to pay me to do it for you.
Updated Feb, 2021
Valuable membership system.
Your website will have the ability to allow your customers to login, and create accounts, or profiles. You can use this for many reasons, one being you can keep track of them all as well as market to them in the future, and offer products or services. Many businesses today survive by remarketing to the customers they have already.
Updated Feb, 2021
Powerful, Mobile.
You see it all the time. In my line of work, I watch people come through the door researching their needs on a mobile device. In almost each case, the consumer is doing cross-research on a mobile device. They are arriving to make their purchase, or inquire of a service, while they are using their hand held mobile device.
Updated Feb, 2021
Powerful Hosting.
There is nothing like being able to reach your consumers via digital. By having a website, you are presenting yourself in front of the world. I make it real easy by hosting your website for you, if you so choose. I manage the server and the website for you. It is your choice!

Get Your Tablet, Mobile, or otherwise connected device ready website.

If you want to stay updated with the latest mobile technology, get on board now. JWD knows web and knows how to keep your code up to date and functional. A functional website means more business.